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Despite Dieselgate woes, VW remains 2nd largest manufacturer

2013 VW Touareg V8 TDI R-Line-main

Despite the damaging press, mountain of lawsuits and substantial loss in revenue; Volkswagen have still managed to retain their position as the world’s second largest manufacturer behind Toyota.

2015 sales topped 9.93 million vehicles, which is only slightly lower than the 10.1 million sold during 2014. Despite slightly lower sales VW recorded sales growth in most economies. Western Europe proved to be VW’s largest purchaser, increasing sales by a massive 4.8% or 3.43 million. Spain also saw a spike of 16.1% and Italy increased by 8.8%. Sales fell by 36.8% in Russia due to harsh economic times.

The dieselgate scandal hit VW hard. However, it appears that customers are quick to forgive and believe the automaker produces some of the finest vehicles on the market.

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