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GMG Racing Releases 1200 HP Tuning Kit for Nissan GT-R

Renown Porsche tuner GMG Racing has embarked on a new territory and released their first performance upgrade package for the Nissan GT-R. Having churned out some remarkably tuned Porsche’s, GMG Racing is now applying their magic on the GT-R.

In line with GMG’s usual traits, the new World Challenge performance kit spares no compromise. It comprises 3 different levels of tuning. With the basic setup the car produces 900 horsepower at the flywheel, making it one of the most powerful Nissan GT-R’s around. But that’s not all, Level 2 adds another 100 horsepower to bring power up to 1000 horsepower while the Level 3 tuned GT-R is capable of an insane 1200 horsepower!

The highlight of the kit includes:

  • GMG Investment cast Inconel 62X Equal length & Symmetrical Exhaust Manifolds
  • GMG  designed  & custom built dual ball-bearing turbochargers with proprietary compressor aerodynamics
  • Twin External water-cooled 38mm waste gates with proprietary GMG actuators
  • Motorsport inspired 76mm stainless steel and aluminum air intake system
  • GMG Custom calibrated MAF Sensors for 1000-1800 hp
  • GMG Ultra fast high flow fuel injectors
  • GMG designed 4-Ply Aramid / Nomex reinforced pure silicon custom hoses and couplers.
  • Dual 76mm Stainless steel dual downpipes with V-band terminals
  • Stainless steel hardware & clamps, CNC bent stainless fluid control hardware

Level 1 Specifications:

  • GMG WC Inconel exhaust manifolds
  • GMG WC spec turbo chargers
  • GMG WC downpipes- 3″ T304 stainless steel ,tig welded
  • GMG WC Sport exhaust system 3.5″ primary tubing, T304 stainless – tig welded.
  • Divorced waste gates that are also available water cooled.
  • Stainless steel turbo oil feed and coolant lines ( hard lines)
  • V-Band flanges for turbo to manifold and turbo downpipes as well as waste gates.
  • 6 Bosch motorsport injectors that have been balanced and tuned.
  • Bosch motorsport high volume fuel pump
  • 2 Sport air filters
  • Stainless steel turbo inlet ( intake ) tubes with stainless CNC machined MAF housings.
  • Custom calibrated high flow MAF sensors includes revised electronics wiring.
  • Custom software calibration for 91/93 , 100 octane fuel ( c16 tuning available)
  • Custom turbo inlet tubing mandrel bent tig welded T304.
  • New motorsport spark plugs
  • Aerospace grade hardware throughout
  • New gaskets and seals
  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Replace coolant
  • Replace power steering fluid
  • Certificate of authenticity with serial number.

Level 2 Specifications

Same as Level 1 above but includes the following additional items and services:

  • High flow sport Intercooler
  • Larger GMG WC turbochargers with custom calibration set up for street, track or strip.
  • Complete fuel system upgrade includes all feed lines throughout the car.
  • 6 Bosch motorsport injectors that are custom calibrated for greater fuel supply of the upgraded fuel system.
  • 2 Bosch motorsport fuel pumps.
  • Custom software calibration for 91/93 , 100 octane fuel ( c16 tuning available)

GMG World Challenge Level 3 Specifications

  • Larger GMG WC turbo chargers optimized for intend use , street, strip or track.
  • Complete rebuild of engine bottom end, includes balancing and blue printing.
  • Upgrade transmission and clutch packs
  • Upgrade trans cooler with high volume remote pump

Source: GMG Racing

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